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sash window sound proofing

Sash window sound proofing options range from simple sash window draught proofing, to full on triple glazing and acoustic specialist glass. Depending on the level of noise reduction you require there will be an option that is ideal and of course, not selecting a service beyond your requirements will save considerable amounts of money. For example a brand new triple glazed sash window that will provide phenomenal sash window sound proofing can cost £3000 and up depending on the glazing requirements that you have. You may want Pilkington Optithon 16mm laminate Acoustic, The name certainly is flash and so is the price tag. This glass made into a double glazed unit certainly will keep the noise out however at what cost? The glass itself to a retailer is around 200-300 per square metre. The glazier must factor for breakages and the possibility of incorrect measurement! No glazier in their right mind would install this type of glass for less than £600 per square metre. A few mistakes and they would be working all year round for free otherwise, and in the detailed measurement game sadly the odd mistake does crop up.

Sound is measure in dB. The amount of noise reduction based on Pilkingtons own claims can be seen in the image attached. Basically, and pretty obviously, the thicker the glazing, the more likely you are to have sufficient noise reduction.

Sash window sound proofing might be appropriate at typical brand new double glazed sash window prices for you. A normal double glaed unit, installed in a new sash window may only set you back £2000. I say only, it’s alot of money but it’s not nearly as costly as the Optithon and in my humble opinion, sat in a room with a car that passes, there is not a noticeable difference. I am pretty sure if you’ve a fancy meter you’ll be able to tell me the dB reading is lower with Optithon, however I’m interested in what my own ears tell me as that is the truth in home comfort.

If you take a look at this image attached you’ll see there is a sealant in between the glass that is making it a laminate. Pilkington claim this rubber is supper efficient at absorbing and repelling noise. I have to ask how much 1mm of rubber can do but, they have stats to backup the claims, simply take a look at the chart I have provided and you’ll see the thicker the rubber sealant the better the insulation properties. The Pilkington website offers no scientific information in relation to the compound, only the U values so that we know we are satisfying building regulations.

Notice you can select the acoustic sealant thickness. What I wonder is will this have an effect on the colour and tint of the glass. It certainly does not seem to be highlighted as clear in the examples. It would certainly help if Pilkington would comment here and clear up some of my opinions and questions.As you can see here Sash window sound proofing is extremely technical and in widespread commercial use.