Double Glazing Original Sash Windows
June 18, 2017
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Sash window draught proofing in an essential part of sound proofing. If we still have gaps around the perimeter of our build then we can have nay super glazing we want, it just won’t work. So first we must the the gaps right. This is done with a comprehensive draught proofing system. If your in London then we can help draught proof your sash windows, if your outside then please contact us and we will workout if there is a competent installer close by that can affordably make the install to a high quality. Enough about the the pitch and more about the sash window drauhgt proofing system.

The sound proofing comes from a series of draught seals hidden into the frame of the sash window. This pile is inserted via a pile carrier, which is cut out by a router and then bedded in with glue. Once firm the nylon draught proofing is simply slid and help inside the carrier. The idea is extremely simple. By cutting out all the gaps that are required for quality travel of your sash window then you have a window that is sealed from external draughts. This sealing helps to reduce the amount of sound that passes through your window as well. It is not comprehensive for sound proofing. It is the first stage and then is tied in with double glazing original sash windows to create a really good sound proofing solution. Normally the draught proofing can be installed to four or five windows per day by a sash window specialist. They will arrive at around 8 a.m and if no rain by lunchtime the sashes should all be machined and have draught seals inserted. Rebuilding the window normally occurs with new sash cords. We for example offer a five year guarantee on the work and this results in the need to replace sash cords as we cannot be sure of other peoples work. In any event it is always worth replacing all sash cords as you can then forget maintenance for a while. By 4 p.m you can expect the windows to be built and the sash window draught proofing to be working nicely. This upgrade is relatively inexpensive and costs around £200-£250 per window. I label this expensive low because there is also the heating reduction that should be considered. Typically a window that has had a quality draught proofing system installed will pay your back £50 a year in heating. This does not include the additional benefits of less noise and no rattles. Anyway, we aren’t really concerning ourselves too much with the price, we are more concerned with good value sash window sound proofing. This is certainly in the beginning the right place to start with the process of making the whole home that much more comfortable. It’s not just the benefits financially, noise pollution cause stress and eventually leads to illness. We must protect ourselves from this pollution as humans are simply not adapted to the problem yet.

Draught proofing can also be carried out by DIY enthusiasts. I will go into a DIY course a little bit later on. The typical cost for a home installation is in the region of one hundred pounds per window, however there are a certain number of tools you must have which can actually make the whole process quite cool if you don;t have them. The savings on professional installation could buy you a whole new toolkit!